It’s been dry around here. In the metaphorical sense. In that no writings have spewed forth, no shower of words has ¬†been shared. Nothing. Nothing but dry, sandy drought of cracked earth filled with dirt and no uttered musings. But that’s ok. Why do I need to talk all the time anyway? Why don’t you […]

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Goodbye, Jennifer and Ben

Sparkles is bummed to learn that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are divorcing. Sparkles is a huge Jennifer Garner fan, but thinks Ben is just OK (although he did like his performance in Gone Girl). Jennifer seems like a fun girl, a girl who would love to be friends with a snarky sparkly cat. She […]

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Sparkles and I aren’t gay, but we are straight allies and couldn’t be happier at the historic news today regarding same-sex marriage. Why it was never legal – and why so many people have such a problem with it – I will never understand, but that matters not at all since Love is the Law […]

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People are mean

OK, here’s a “ranta” for you. Why is it that people feel they can be so mean? I understand the computer gives a sense of anonymity and protection from actual confrontation, and that makes people feel emboldened and empowered to say things they wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face. But that doesn’t make it right. […]

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Sweeper Bag of Frustration

My sweeper bag was full of cat hair and pistachio shells and I suddenly couldn’t remember how to change the bag. It’s not that I vacuum so infrequently and therefore change the bag even more infrequently that I would forget for all time how to remove it from the sweeper, but at that moment the […]

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